Ice is an essential component to almost all cocktails. The use of ice isn’t simply to chill the drink – ice, in all of its varieties, adds texture, dilution, and creates a specific experience to each cocktail you're enjoying. Here are some examples of easy ice methods to use at home.

Crushed Ice:

Crushed ice melts quickly in a cocktail, diluting the drink and creating a specific texture and feel. Use crushed ice in juleps, cobblers and swizzles.


Spherical ice cubes have a similar effect to the King ice but tend to be reserved for higher end spirits and fancier drinks. Serve in a rocks glass by hand carving or using a mold.

Clear King Cube:

A large 2x2 Clear King ice cube holds less impurities and therefore results in a slower melt. This is ideal for a spirit forward cocktails like Old Fashioneds or a Negroni.

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