From garden to glass!

Get ready for cocktail hour with your home herb garden. Fresh picked herbs add depth and aroma to your cocktail experience. Some easy herbs to grow at home are mint, rosemary and basil...

Mint: Aromatic, cool, and sweet, mint is a versatile herb used in many drinks. It grows like a weed, too, so this is an easy one to keep on hand. Try it in the Dreadnought Mojito.

Rosemary: Fragrant and woody, rosemary is often used in wintery drinks. Besides used as garnish, you can cook rosemary down with some sugar in a pan to make a delicious syrup. Try it in the Garden Gimlet.

Basil: The well rounded, robust flavor of basil adds savory and peppery notes to a cocktail. Use simply aromatically or muddled for added depth. Try it in the Bourbon Orange Basil.

Other herbs to try: Sage, Thyme, Dill, Lavender.