Blueberry Sour

Want to know how we created that beautiful float? Use a little science to take your cocktails to the next level! The magic of a float is achieved by squeezing a lemon peel over the surface of your shaken ingredients (Kinsey Rye + Honeysuckle Sour Mix) to allow the oils from the peel to express, and rest atop the surface of the drink. Since oil and water don't mix, the lemon oil floats on top, creating a subtle barrier for the wine, or in our case, cordial to rest on top, not mix. It also provides a lovely visual effect. Hooray science!


1. Add ice to your shaker.

2. Add Kinsey Rye Whiskey and Honeysuckle Sour Mix.

3. Give it a quick shake to chill, we recommend 3-5 vigorous shakes.

4. Strain from shaker into glass.

5. Take a lemon peel and with the outside skin pointed into your glass fold slowly lengthwise, watch for spritzing of oils.

6. Using a bar spoon turned upside down, and held parallel to the surface of your drink, gently and slowly pour the Black Trumpet Blueberry Cordial over the spoon to gently rest on top of the Whiskey Sour.