Introducing our latest additions to the Art in the Age sprit shop, White Mountain Vodka, and White Mountain Ginger Vodka from our sister distillery Tamworth Distilling.

White Mountain Vodka

Vodka is a large section of the spirits world and rose to peak popularity in America in the 1980s. Purity on the nose and palate is a classification benchmark, having little to no distinguishing characteristic of the ingredients used to make it. Most vodka drinkers will, however, pick up on the subtle choices a distiller makes to leave a mark on their product. Tamworth Distilling’s White Mountain Vodka captures our identity in the water and grain used to distill our spirit. The same basic recipe is used to distill our Old Man of the Mountain Bourbon: a heavy dose of organic corn, with added nuance from some organic rye and sugars converted naturally with malted barley. The batch pot distillation, completed on the grain, helps maintain the sweetness and personality of the White Mountains. Distilled through our vodka tower to 95%+ abv, White Mountain Vodka is then proofed with reverse osmosis mountain water and filtered through charcoal before bottling.

Flavor Profile/Tasting Notes:
Mild with a subtle corn sweetness and slight grainy note from the rye. A wisp of vanilla is on nose. The palate offers a touch of heat to stand up in any cocktail. Drinks well on its own, or in a White Mountain Mule.

White Mountain Ginger Vodka

Ginger is a curious yet common rhizome. Used in many cultures’ dishes and drinks, it has long been utilized for its health benefits, from relief of stomach pain to possible anti-inflammatory potential. The bold and spicy flavor of fresh ginger can awaken any palate. To make our ginger vodka, we infused dozens of pounds of fresh ginger, mandolined by hand. The painstaking process opens the root fibers to infuse in our house-made neutral grain spirit for several weeks. The infusion is then drained off the solids and distilled on our copper batch still. Cuts are made to remove some sharp or tougher flavors and aromas. Finally, raw New England honey is added and the spirit is proofed to a versatile 40% abv for bottling.

Flavor Profile/Tasting Notes:
A bright and lively mixture of aromas jumps from the glass. This distillate brings not only the spice of the ginger to mind but the floral, citrus, and woody notes as well. The addition of honey imbues the nose with a touch of softness. The spice is a little more prominent on the palate than the scent, aromatizing to a warm and fragrant vanillic note. While a pleasant and peppery sipper on its own, the vodka was designed as an excellent mixer. It doubles down on the ginger notes in a classic Moscow Mule, zests up a Cosmo or bolsters a Bee’s Squeeze.