Eat, drink, and be scary with us in this exclusive Halloween cocktail workshop. Learn how to make two drinks inspired by medieval sorcery and ghoulish misdeeds. AITA cocktail specialist Lee Noble will take you through the tips and tricks it takes to make these boozy treats. Admission includes an entertaining and informative chat with Lee about the inspiration behind the drinks, instructions, a hands-on workshop, and two cocktails. Drinks for the evening:

Spellbound — White Mountain Gin, Licore Strega, Tarragon Cordial, Bittermen’s Hellfire Shrub, Addition Sage Cocktail Spice, Rosewater Rinse

Body Snatcher — Bloody Butcher Bourbon, Sarsaparilla and Birch Bark Tincture, Dashfire Mr. Lee's Ancient Chinese Secret Bitters, Cotton Candy Pour Over, Absinthe rinse, Bruleed lemon peel

Must be 21. All ticket sales are final.