Shaken or stirred?

The age old cocktail question. When should a cocktail be shaken and when should it be stirred?  The difference is juice! 

When you have a perfect cocktail you can immediately tell. The texture is right, the ingredients are blended, and the entire experience is something enjoyable. Stirring or shaking is a simple, yet important thing you can do to create the perfect libation. Shop our essential bar tools online here.


Cocktails that contain citrus or fruit juices are shaken to incorporate the juice, sweeteners, and the spirit together. Shaking also adds texture and aeration, which creates a specific mouth feel.

Shake a: Mai Tai, Margarita, Daiquiri


Booze-forward cocktails containing only spirits should be stirred and not shaken. Stirring produces a smooth mouth feel and gently combines the ingredients with dilution from the ice.

Stir a:  Manhattan, Martini, Negroni