We're celebrating Prohibition Repeal Day with a special (and secretive) cocktail offering. Stop in on Wednesday December 5th and tell your bartender the password: "I’m here to see a guy about a loan". We'll whip you up our special Boo Boo Hoff cocktail!

The Boo Boo Hoff is dedicated to the Philadelphia bootlegger and gangster, named Max ‘Boo Boo’ Hoff, infamous for running liquor through a front business called the Franklin Mortgage and Investment Company during prohibition. A speakeasy under this alias still operates at the original location in Center City Philadelphia today. The drink is a riff on a Mary Pickford. Pickford was a film actress of the era that was famous for globetrotting with other actors in search of a drink. Her favorite destination was Cuba, and so the original drink was considered a Cuban style drink, with rum, maraschino, grenadine, and pineapple juice.

For our Boo Boo Hoff, to reduce the sweetness we use our AITA Chicory instead of maraschino, and culinary drink ingredients like homemade raspberry and hibiscus grenadine and pineapple shrub to give it something worthy of its notorious namesake.

Boo Boo Hoff  Dreadnought White Rum, AITA Chicory Root, Hibiscus and Raspberry Grenadine, Clarified Pineapple Shrub

Password: "I’m here to see a guy about a loan."