Contact: Larissa Gaul, Public Relations


As a satellite location for New Liberty Distilling, the shop will sell spirits from several partner distilleries, including New Hampshire’s Tamworth Distilling.

Philadelphia, PA – This fall, Art in the Age will reopen as a tasting room and home bar supply. As the beneficiary of changing liquor laws in Pennsylvania, the shop will become a satellite location for partner distillery New Liberty Distilling, allowing them to sell New Liberty’s spirits as well as beer and cider produced in the state. In addition, the Art in the Age store will carry special limited runs of products from sister project Tamworth Distilling in Tamworth, New Hampshire.

Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction opened over ten years ago in Old City Philadelphia. Borrowing its name from Walter Benjamin’s canonical 1936 essay, the store began as an artists’ collective, rooted in the traditions of American craftsmanship. Founder Steven Grasse developed a line of spirits in that same tradition, using recipes and ingredients drawn from the history of Pennsylvania, and the Art in the Age brand was born.

After a shift to more cocktail-focused offerings last year, and some renovations to the space, the new-and-improved Art in the Age brings the tasting room concept full circle. Customers will finally be able to buy the unique spirits they taste on the spot, accompanied by a variety of complementary mixers, bitters, glassware, and bar tools. The store’s programming will reflect the changes as well, with plans including:

Guided Tasting Flights – For a nominal fee, guests can enjoy a selection of spirits with expert staff to fill in details on ingredients, process, and ways to use each one in cocktails.

Private Events & Workshops – Think guided whiskey tastings, cocktail classes, and make-your-own bitters workshops. With a working bar space, Art in the Age will have the freedom to get creative with cocktails.

Feature Happy Hours – To spotlight spirits and other ingredients available in the shop, a featured cocktail will occasionally be available. Try one out while you shop, then pick up all the ingredients to stir up another batch at home!

Pop-Up Shops – Art in the Age will continue their tradition of partnering with some of the coolest artists, makers, and creatives in Philadelphia (Felt + Fat, Sweetflag, Hawk Krall, and Philadelphia Salvage to name a few) with rotating pop-up shops.

Local Beer, Wine, & Spirits – Alongside New Liberty’s full line of whiskeys, rum, vodka, and others, products from the Art in the Age Test Kitchen at Tamworth Distilling will be available, many for the first time ever outside New Hampshire. They’ll move quickly through small runs of seasonal spirits, so keep an eye out.  A small, curated selection of beer and cider will feature exclusive, hard-to-find offerings representing the best of the local scene.

Expect Art in the Age to continue refining their Tasting Room and Home Bar Supply concept as time goes on, with new and exciting products, events, and programming. To keep up to date, follow the store on Facebook (@artintheage) and Instagram (@artintheage), or visit their website at