Stop by Art in the Age to stock up on all your Plants & Pots for the summer! Saturday, July 24th, we'll be hosting our friends from Cultivated Bohemians, DNA Floral, and Francis Iadarola Ceramics. They will be here from 12pm - 4pm so drop by, grab a cocktail, and get your floral fix!

Cultivated Bohemians — A Philadelphia-based Wellness + Lifestyle studio and brand created for free-thinkers, the artist, the mavericks and everything in between.

DNA Floral — Design + Art is monochromatic, single groupings, and simple ingredients company. Our approach prioritizes local, supporting local artist and worldly resources. Our mission is to provide hope of help boost the surrounding community and economy, knowing that imports create garbage and waste with hidden costs that people don’t often realize. Cultivating meaningful partnerships, developing innovative strategies and to execute high level design/installations while promoting multicultural awareness and inclusivity.

Frances Iadarola Ceramics — "I make high-quality, functional ceramics for everyday use. At markets I predominantly sell items for the home, such as mugs, cups, bowls, vases and planters. I want someone to be excited to pick up a mug or look at a vase, so I incorporate colorful glazes and unique textures. I focus mostly on wheel-thrown pottery but also incorporate slab-built forms to create one of a kind pieces. All of my work is made locally at my communal studio in West Philadelphia.