Back at our bottle shop just in time for Valentine's Day - Shane Confectionery Cacao Whiskey from our friends at New Liberty Distillery. Their 2018 release was so popular it flew off the shelves in a matter of weeks. Now it's back at Art in the Age in an exclusive rerelease.

Shane Confectionery Cacao Whiskey is made with real cacao nibs from Old City friends Shane Confectionery, the longest-running confectionery business in the United States — operating on Market Street in Philadelphia since 1863. The roots of New Liberty Distillery's Kinsey Whiskey date back to the 1870s. Together, they've joined forces to create a malt whiskey that pays tribute to their history of bringing delicious treats to Philadelphians. This pot-distilled, malted barley whiskey is blended with cacao nibs, resulting in a truly decadent spirit.

Now available to sample and purchase at the Art in the Age tasting room while supplies last.