The Old-Fashioned has been a bar standard since the 1800's. There is plenty of room for variation to make it your own, but this drink requires a few things: sugar, bitters, citrus, and of course whiskey. We're using Kinsey Rye from our partners, New Liberty Distillery.

Kinsey Old-Fashioned

  • 1 rough cut Demerara sugar cube
  • 2 dashes Angostura bitters
  • 2 oz. Kinsey Rye
  • Orange twist
  • Cherry

Directions: Muddle sugar, bitters, and a spoon of water in the bottom of a chilled rocks glass. Add Kinsey Rye, (or Kinsey Bourbon if you prefer!) stir to combine. Add a large king cube or 3-4 one inch cubes. Stir with a bar spoon until chilled and diluted. Express an orange peel over and drop in the drink. Finish with a cherry for garnish.

You can find Kinsey Whiskies at your local spirits store, or purchase online here.