Thursday, May 24th


This month, Art in the Age will release the first limited-edition bottling in the Kinsey whiskey line: Kinsey Merlot Cask. This special-edition whiskey, limited to 600 bottles, takes Kinsey's 10-year whiskey (made from 100% corn and aged in oak) and finishes it in Merlot wine casks from the Napa Valley. On Thursday, May 24th, the shop will host a happy hour with featured cocktails, offering customers a first taste of the new Kinsey expression.

The merlot casks round out the whiskey with a mellow layer of plum and currant and relax some of the astringency from charred oak. Herbaceous notes like sage and violet serve to accent sweeter flavors including spiced plum, vanilla, caramel, and brown butter, all of which culminate in a dry finish from the wine tannins.

The Kinsey brand is an homage to the original distillery along the Schuylkill River, which once held the world’s largest collection of aging whiskies. Located near Linfield, PA, the distillery was operated by Continental Distilling Corp beginning after prohibition until it closed in the 1980s. New Liberty Distillery revived the Kinsey name in 2015 as a tribute to this century old local whiskey powerhouse, with a bourbon, rye, and 10-year old American whiskey. With Kinsey Merlot Cask, distiller Robert Cassell has brought some of the finesse previously exhibited in New Liberty’s other premium expressions, including Bloody Butcher Bourbon and the sherry cask finished Fortunato’s Fate.

Given the limited number of bottles, Kinsey Merlot Cask will be available exclusively at Art in the Age and New Liberty Distilling’s retail space. The retail price at Art in the Age is $39.99.