Introducing the latest creation from Tamworth Distilling — Graverobber.

Graverobber is an Unholy Rye Whiskey infused with maple syrup tapped from Graveside Maple Trees. On our distillery's property lies a malignant old maple whose roots burrow deep into the nearby unmarked Colonial Era graveyard. What would happen if we tapped some of this sinister sap and added it to our whiskey? Spicy yet sweet, evil yet divine, the life of the Graverobber begins...when yours ends.

The 90-proof three-year-old rye whiskey’s essence is that of the underworld, with a unique flavor profile sourced from the colonial era maple whose roots twist and grow throughout the unmarked gravesite of Great Hill Farm. Historically taboo across New England, tapping a graveyard maple has long been feared for risk of disturbing the dead. The placard adorning the small cemetery just down the road from the distillery reads “Here lies early settlers, their names may be forgotten, but their souls are registered in heaven” and dates back to the mid-1700’s.

Laid to rest for three years, Graverobber Unholy Rye takes on a layered profile full of charred oak and burnt sugar. Blended with sinister cemetery syrup, with aromas of cinnamon and dried orange peel, the exhale is followed by the sensation of rye cracker. The taste is full bodied; however, the sweet yet unholy maple soothes the burn from the peppery rye and gives way to a warm, long finish that channels the dead and creates a devilishly drinkable intoxicant. 200ml glass bottle.

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