Join us as we celebrate our latest whiskey release — Graverobber. We're heading out on a walking tour through historic Old City, Philadelphia, stopping at some of our favorite haunted spots. Along the way you may see something paranormal as we take a close look at some of Philly's most ghostly attractions. The tour will conclude at Art in the Age for a tasting of our rarest spirit with a haunting backstory.

* Guests to meet promptly at 6:00 pm at Powel House. Tour Stops:
1. Powel House (224 S. 3rd Street)
2. Christ Church Burial Grounds (340 N. 5th Street)
3. Unearthed Forgotten Cemetery (218 Arch Street)
4. Art in the Age (116 N. 3rd Street)

Graverobber is an unholy rye whiskey infused with maple syrup tapped from graveside maple trees. On our distillery's property in New Hampshire lies an old maple whose roots burrow deep into the nearby unmarked Colonial Era graveyard. We first tame the fiery young spirit by putting it to rest for three years in oak barrels, which adds smoky layers of charred oak and burnt wood sugar. Then we blend in the syrup from ancient maple trees in a forgotten cemetery. The result is a truly sinister blend, as the haunted maple syrup makes the spice-rich young rye spirit devilishly drinkable. The aromas of cinnamon and dried orange peel dominate, followed by rye cracker and a hint of maple. The taste is full-bodied, sweet maple syrup up front, which soothes the burn from the peppery rye whiskey, giving way to a warm comforting flavor and a long finish.

*Must be 21 to attend.
*Tickets are Non-Refundable.