Hot summer months call for iced coffee! We suggest adding a little of our Chicory Root Vodka into the mix. Roasted chicory root has long been used as a coffee substitute or filler. Enjoy it in this delicious cocktail with or without cream.

Erin’s Souvenir

  • 2½ oz. Iced Coffee concentrate
  • 1½ oz. AITA Chicory Root Vodka
  • ½ Simple Syrup (Preferably made with demerara sugar)
  • 2 Dashes Angostura Bitters

Directions: Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass full of ice and strain into a coupe. Optional: Lightly shake some heavy cream and float on the top of the drink (sink a spoon onto the surface of the drink, pour slowly to spread the cream across the top)

Find out where to buy Chicory Root here.