Join us at our tasting room to celebrate the release of the newest Art in the Age spirit, Dande Jack. Featuring special guest Heather McMonnies of Food Hedge, and dandelion inspired hors d’oeuvres from Executive Chef Liam Geoghegan of Stephen Starr’s, The Dandelion.

This small-batch spirit showcases the undercelebrated botanical, dandelion, and will be available while supplies last exclusively at our tasting room. Special guest Heather McMonnies of Food Hedge, a local forager will mix and mingle with guests and talk about the history of the dandelion and its common culinary uses. McMonnies is teaming up with Executive Chef Liam Geoghegan of Stephen Starr’s, The Dandelion to go on a foraging journey for dandelions, which are bountiful to the region in spring. Geoghegan will be creating a custom menu of complimentary hors d’oeuvres including bites such as Deviled Eggs, Smoked Salmon and Trout Pâté, and Dandelion Root Crusted Beef Carpaccio, which will feature foraged dandelions from the greater Philadelphia area. Geoghegan will also be offering a selection of The Dandelion’s celebrated cheeses. The foraged fare will be designed to perfectly pair with hand-crafted Dande Jack cocktails (PAYG) courtesy of our Mixologist, Lee Noble.

Based around the uber-popular Art in the Age Maple Jack, this new spirit is a much more complex expression. Some of the darker barrel notes are thinned with clear apple brandy to open the overall spirit up to fill Dandelion and a little Chicory root to give bitter woody structure. The bitter then hinges on the sweet, giving a deeper appreciation for their role in the applejack. This duet effect is often exploited by confectioners and candy makers, who use a bit of gentian to candy and prolong the depth of character.

“Botanists consider dandelions to be herbs and throughout history, people have used the leaves, stem, flower, and root of the dandelion for medicinal purposes,” said Food Hedge’s Heather McMonnies. “This spirit showcases the dandelion in a truly exceptional way and it is an honor to celebrate its launch with our friends at The Dandelion restaurant!”

Created at Tamworth Distilling and inspired by local cultural celebrations, Dande Jack honors spring and the humble dandelion by flavoring Apple Jack with the woody bitterness of dandelion root, which is then balanced by sweet and warm local maple syrup. Presenting at 35ABV, Art in the Age Dande Jack is a gentle and versatile liquid best-celebrated neat, on the rocks or in simple spring-themed cocktails.

This specialty spirit is extremely limited as just 200 bottles were created. Available exclusively at Art in the Age, Dande Jack retails for $49.99. For more information and recipe inspiration follow Art in the Age on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Both aged apple brandy (over a year in a new char oak barrel) as well as the crisp flavor of clear apple eau de vie (a fresh distillate considered the ‘water of life’ or essence of the fruit) are used to balance the bitter roots and sweet syrup.

The aroma of rich dark grade syrup and a sugarshack is on the nose, with baked apple following up. Warm mulled cider lay under the first impression. The first sip gives only a little heat, partially due to the lower proof (35%abv) and partially to the coating nature of the applejack.  A grounding sensation from the dandelion root and chicory root give a boldness to the flavored brandy. Chicory root, still used as coffee-like substitute, blends well with the darker clove and caramel components of the barrel aged spirit. The pronounced fruit and floral EDV add more top notes to the experience. Overall, the first sip conjures apple lollipop and caramel apple flavors. Bites of a fresh apple coupled with maple candy. The finish has a baked cinnamon warmth and lasts around the mid-palate as a smolder.