Join us at Art in The Age this Earth Day for our Cocktail Salvage workshop and learn how the best in the bar-business work to reduce waste every day.

In the bar and restaurant industry, a lot of time, skill, and energy goes into producing the perfect cocktail. Unfortunately, a lot of food waste can also come out of that process – a contributing factor in today’s growing environmental issues.

Which is why industry leaders are looking to institute more sustainable food practices and zero waste models. At Cocktail Salvage, you’ll have the chance to learn some of the simple tips, tricks, and entry-level techniques that your favorite bartenders are using to make everyday cocktails more sustainable

Each class includes a demonstration by our cocktail specialist Lee Noble and the opportunity to try your hand at constructing (and sipping!) two waste-conscious cocktails..

Drinks for the evening:

Mojito Salvado — Lime Peel Infused BLY Rum, Pressed Lime, Mint Scrap Syrup, Seltzer, Mint Garnish

Resurgent Sour — Kinsey 10 Year American Whiskey Infused with Sage, Pressed Lemon, Lemon Sage Syrup, Aquafaba