Introducing Cocktail Academy, the only school in town where drinking is encouraged. Whether you’re an Art in the Age super-senior or merely a prospective student, there’s never been a better time so sign up for a few (or all) of our cocktail crafting classes. For each workshop you attend, your barteacher will grade your Cocktail Academy Report Card, getting you one step closer to receiving your Bachelor’s in Booze. 

Once you’ve attended five workshops, you’ll receive:

- A Cocktail Academy gift package, complete with a crewneck sweatshirt and more!

- An Alumnae/i card, which will give you access to discounts, early access to certain events, and special offers all year long

- An invitation to our end of the year Grad Party! 

Ask us about it next time you're in the shop, or simply sign up for an upcoming cocktail workshop!