A citrus cocktail garnish is more than just a pleasing visual accent. Citrus heightens the drink in two important ways: aroma and flavor. We've put together a simple guide to creating standard, essential citrus garnishes to make your home bar experience even better. Create and Enjoy!


Slice each end off citrus of your choice, through the white pith to the flesh of the fruit. Continue to slice about ¼" apart. Float in glass, or notch place on rim of glass. Cocktails to try in: Pimm's Cup, or Gin Fizz.


Slice each end off citrus of your choice, then slice in half lengthwise (top to bottom), then continue half each section until desired size. Serve notched on the side of a glass, intended to be squeeze and added to the drink once served. Cocktails to try in: Dark & Stormy, Moscow Mule.


Make sure your citrus is firm to the touch, and thick skinned, this will help in creating a uniform spiral. Using a channel knife, start at the top of the fruit and pierce. Carefully and slowly continue to work your way down the fruit in a long, continuous strip- working outward in a circle. Serve in a tall narrow glass, or draped over the rim. Cocktails to try in: Vodka Martini, Sparkling Cocktail.


(Extra points for flamed twist) A classic and sophisticated garnish, it is important to get right. Cut bottom of the fruit to create a flat base. Place base down on cutting board. Starting near the top, with a sharp citrus knife, make a shallow cut working downward and outward. Careful to not include the white pith, which will taste bitter. Gently twist over your cocktail and drop in the glass. This releases essential oils. *To Flame*: Hold twist from side edges, hold a match underneath and squeeze to release essential oils toward your glass.