The age of the three Martini lunch is gone, and the adult beverage world is embracing a lower alcohol alternative.

Philly mixologist Daniela Diaz leads an exclusive cocktail workshop covering the breaking session cocktail trend in this special AITA Bartender Takeover event. Daniela is part of the team behind one of Philly's best pop-up cocktail parties and the lead mixologist at Rittenhouse Square's cocktail destination,

Hear Daniela’s take on low alcohol libations, the movement at the tip of many a trendsetting bartender's tongue. You will learn the hows and whys of the style, focusing on how to get maximum flavor with minimal impact on your blood alcohol content. Occasions include high heat, wedding days, and weekend stay-cations, where it’s more important to have a well-mixed drink and stay hype than it is to have a booze-laden concoction that is just as likely to send you to nap town as it is flavor town.

The $40 ticket includes an informal informative group chat with Daniela, tasting samples, and active mixology instructional behind the bar.

*Must be 21 to attend.